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About the Dryden GM Ice Dogs


Who Are the Dryden GM Ice Dogs?SIJHL_Button_small


The purpose of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs is essentially two-fold:.cjhl_button_small

  • Opportunity – To provide an opportunity for players in this age group to play organized hockey
  • Development – To improve and develop the skills and abilities of all the participants.

The goals of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs are:

  • Skill Development – To provide talented young players with the opportunity to develop in an organized, structured, competitive and supervised environment.
  • Quality Coaching – To provide considerable training time, quality coaching instruction and concerned oversight.
  • Social Maturity – To provide players with a healthy, constructive environment in which to develop socially.
  • Educational Advancement – To provide assistance and opportunities for the accomplishment of the participant’s educational goals.
  • Recruiting Exposure – To provide players with exposure to collegiate and professional scouts and recruiters.
  • Advanced Competition – To provide players with exposure to national and international competition.
  • Protection of Amateur Status – To protect, most importantly, the amateur status of all participants under the rules and guidelines established by the International Ice Hockey Federation, USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, the NCAA, the NAIA and the National Federation of High Schools.