Hackman To Take on Fundraising Role for the Dryden GM Ice Dogs

The Dryden GM Ice Dogs are looking towards their next season. Like many young hockey teams across Canada they are looking for fundraising to help them pay for essential team needs from equipment to gas for their bus. This year that task has been put in the capable hands of a strong Ice Dogs supporter, Anita Hackman.

Team President Mike Sveinson knows how important fundraising is for the team and picking Hackman for the position was an easy decision based on her proven track record.

“Anita has been a voice that I’ve called on when I needed a second opinion on a fundraising issue,” said Sveinson. “When money was tight with the team I’ve called her because her experience combined with her passion for the team and for helping it survive is the perfect combination of characteristics to lead a fundraising operation. That’s what it comes down to, passion and experience.”

Any Ice Dogs fan in attendance would have seen Hackman, she is present for every game but her dedication extends to outside of the area. She has billeted the young hockey players in her home, sometimes as many as four at a time, and she is always there for them if they need it. Whether she is driving the boys around or just giving them a helping hand Hackman always has the team in mind.

The Dryden GM Ice Dogs are a community owned team and therefore rely on donations and volunteers and Vice President Malcolm Reynolds is quick to point out what an asset Hackman is.

“She’s been a great help to the organization,” said Reynolds. “She’s very eager to go out and help as much as she can she gives that support to the team to the boys she’s always there for the boys to help them out but at the same time taking the teams best interest to heart. Going out and getting that money and that support that we need financially, in any organization especially when you’re running a junior hockey you definitely need the support of people and a person like that that goes the extra mile to get the funding that we need to keep this team running is definitely appreciated with any organization.”

The next planned fundraiser for the team will be on June 26 at Mirror Image on Scott Street. There will be a car wash and barbeque to benefit the team. All detail packages booked that day will be 10 percent off.

Dryden GM Ice Dogs season ticket drive has already begun as well as Kennel Club memberships. Anyone interested in tickets can contact Anita directly at 807-216-8713. Anyone with fundraising ideas can call, text or email Anita at ahackman47@drytel.net.