Team President Recognized with Community Spirit Award

Team President, Mike Sveinson, was awarded the Community Spirit Award at the Dryden District Chamber of Commerce’s 21st Annual Business Excellence Awards on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018.

This is what he has to say about receiving this recognition, “I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their kind words regarding the Community Spirit Award I won this weekend. It’s very encouraging to see that kind of support for what we are trying to accomplish with the team. On the topic of team, Id like to tell you that its on account of this team that my name is on the award, when in reality it should be dozens of names.

I get too much credit when things go well, and too much criticism when things go poorly. That is the nature of leadership.

Fortunately, things have been going very well and therefore I get this award but I accept it on behalf of more people than I can ever list that work tirelessly and thanklessly for nothing other than the betterment of junior a hockey in Dryden.

The real heroes of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs are the ones that you don’t see in the newspaper or hear on the radio. They sell tickets at the gate, and merchandise at the games. They sell raffle tickets and 50/50. They do laundry, run drills, do play by play and record video. They do online scoring and provide game day security. They drive the bus, and fill up the water. They house the players, pay the bills, record the minutes, run the website, and in doing all of this, make me look great.

So to all of you who are the heart and soul of the Dryden GM Ice Dogs, from a very grateful team President…THANK YOU.”