Hometown Proud – First Annual Teaming Up with DREAM Event

Monday, February 4th, 2019
Dryden, ON
For immediate release.

DRYDEN, ON: The Dryden GM Ice Dogs and DREAM (Dryden Recreation Expansion and Modification) Committee announced on Monday, February 4th, 2019 an exciting partnership between their two organizations.

The first annual Hometown Proud – Teaming Up with Dream event will take place at the Dryden Memorial Arena on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 when the Red Lake Miners are in town to play your hometown, Dryden GM Ice Dogs. This event will host a number of fundraising activities throughout the night, along with a beer gardens. All funds raised during this joint fundraiser will benefit both organizations.

Dryden GM Ice Dogs Team President, Mike Sveinson, explains why this partnership makes sense, “DREAM is the team’s most natural fit as a partner in fundraising and community engagement for 2 reasons:
1. DREAM shares a vision with DID for a better Dryden, we are organizations that are of the community and for the community. Volunteer driven and focused on the betterment of Dryden, we partner naturally and can complement one another moving forward.
2. Their goals benefits the team. A better, more modern more spacious arena is an objective that the Ice Dogs and their fans will benefit from for years to come. Not just in terms of the comfort of out players year by year, but in terms of recruitment, fan interest, and volunteer retention. A better place to work, and play! The Dryden GM Ice Dogs see this as step one in a very long and prosperous relationship.”

For the DREAM Committee the partnership with the Dryden GM Ice Dogs makes total sense, “It’s all about the arena, and the Dryden GM Ice Dogs are a high profile arena user. We have had many hometown proud boys be a part of the Ice Dogs and we are all about our community and its members. It’s about working together to meet our DREAM! The arena is the hub of our community, it has been a huge part of my family’s life and many other people’s lives. It’s the heart of our city and the Ice Dogs play a huge role.” Marnie Oliphant, Dream Committee Co-Chair.

For further information you can contact:
Mike Sveinson
Dryden GM Ice Dogs

Marnie Oliphant
DREAM Committee

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