Stout’s #14 Retired

Sunday, March 10th, 2019
Dryden, ON

DRYDEN, ON: The Dryden GM Ice Dogs have recognized third year veteran player, Eric Stout, as the all time franchise leading goal scorer. On February 22nd, 2019 Stout surpassed former linemate, Jacen Bracko, as the team’s all time leading goal scorer by notching goals #89 and 90 in the game against the Minnesota Iron Rangers.

At a ceremony on Sunday, March 10th, 2019 the Dryden GM Ice Dogs officially retired the #14 in honour of Stout’s incredible career in Dryden. “Eric scored 4 goals in his first game as an Ice Dog, and at that moment I knew he was a special player. From that day onward and over the next three seasons, there have been numerous big goals including an OT winner at the Dudley Hewitt Cup in 2017. Eric’s statistical accomplishments speak for themselves in making him deserving of this honour, but for me the biggest number on his stat sheet is 3. That is the 3 years he has given to the Dryden GM Ice Dogs in which every single year saw Eric return to the team in better shape, a better player and a better person. For Eric’s loyalty to the club, and his dedication to being a better player which culminates in his having scored more goals than anyone in franchise history, no one will ever wear #14 for us again.” Dryden GM Ice Dogs Team President, Mike Sveinson.

Stout’s performance did not stop when he broke the scoring record. Heading into the last two games of the regular season he continues to amass points and perform among the league’s best, “Stout (or Grinder as I like to call him) is the top goal scorer that the Dryden GM Ice Dogs have ever seen. The reason why is because of consistency and health. Stout works just as hard off the ice as he does on the ice. He is a natural goal scorer, with a heavy shot. We are all very proud of Eric.” Head Coach and General Manager, Kurt Walsten.

The retirement of Stout’s #14 joins the likes of former teammate, Derek McPhail’s #21 being retired in 2017.