Billeting is a vital part of our teams success. It is so important for these young men to have a safe, healthy and happy home away from home. The billet coordinators work diligently to match players up with homes that have similar interests and values, this helps to provide a smooth transition for both the player and the billet family.

Taking in a player is such an amazing way to spend the cold winter months! Often people begin the billeting journey just looking to do a kind deed and walk away from it with wonderful connections and another member of their family. If you are looking to be a little more active this winter, branch out and open your home and your heart, then consider taking in a Dryden GM Ice Dog. We are always looking to add to the Ice Dog family and we are always in need of wonderful new homes and people.

Billet homes receive:
➔ Monetary compensation approximately $400 per player based on which option the home chooses.
➔ 1 season ticket pass per player (limit of 2).
➔ Invitations to Christmas party, Awards Banquet and any other team events that are put on.
➔ Reserved seating at home games.

Our expectations for players and billet homes:
➔ That players be welcomed and treated as a family member.
➔ Players respect the people and property where they stay.
➔ Food and snacks be provided with the monthly billeting money.
➔ Billet homes are required to follow team rules such as curfew and player commitments.
➔ Players are required to follow team rules as well as the rules set out by their billet home.

If you are interested in billeting or have any questions about billeting please contact:
Crystal Arnold
Jenn Turgeon