Dudley-Hewitt Cup Breakout Meetings

April 7, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Meeting is being held at 10 Gamble Drive – please contact Colleen if you’re not able to make your time slot.

9:00 am Food Services (Carol and Micheline)

9:20 am Transportation (Mr. A and Michelle)             

9:40 am Tickets and Passes (Shawna F)                                          

** NOTE: Mr. A and Michelle can meet with Shawna also to discuss the bus transportation of the Tournament

10:00 am Accreditation/Alumni Program (Mr. Nerino, Natasha and Shawna S)

10:20 am Security (David and Barry)

10: 40 am VIP Scouting Area (Adi and Brian)

11:00 am Fundraising (Ang and Sheri)

11:20 am Alumni Game, Opening Ceremony, Wine and Cheese

(Shawna S and Natasha)

Host Services Billy

*** NOTE Billy – please bring your hosts with you to this meeting

Team Services Tammy

Billy and Tammy – pls contact me to set up times for your meetings

Thursday, April 12th @ 1pm – Dryden Memorial Arena

Arena Facilities Ed Trist and Bob Cunningham